5k Training Plans

Prepare to finish one of the most popular running distances in the United States with a 5K training plan. Take a look at the local events calendar in your area and you’re sure to find at least one, if not more, 5K running races happening this month.

The attraction of the 5K is that it is a great race for all types of runners. For many individuals, five kilometers (3.1 miles), is the first race distance they will try to complete. It’s their first race medal and race t-shirt, or a good challenge on their way to a healthier lifestyle. Even for more experienced runners, the 5K is a fun and fast challenge.

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Beginner Runners

For those who have never run or walked the distance before, you will most likely want to start with the Run-Walk 5K training plan. In this plan you will find a gentle approach to teaching you how to run. If you have been running fairly consistently for the past six months, then you can start with the beginner 5K training plan.

Experienced Runners

The intermediate and advanced 5K training plan is designed more for the seasoned runner. These two plans are all about developing speed. The plans are best suited for those that like to regularly the 5K distance and want to improve their time. Or for runners that more frequently run longer distance races and looking for that extra level of fitness.

5K Training

No matter which 5K training plan you choose, you will be given plenty of guided information. Select a training plan level (Run-Walk, Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced) from below to read more specific details. Each plan consists of a 10 week schedule. If you are looking for more detailed instructions or extra training advice, you might consider signing up for a Custom Training Program or Online Coaching with me.