Marathon Training Plans

An estimated 506,000 individuals completed a marathon in 2018. Among those finishers, nearly 40% of them were first timers! While many of them may have followed training plans for races that were not as long, training for the marathon is much different task. For starters, the time commitment is significantly longer. Not just the number of weeks (typically 16-20 weeks), but also the amount of time spent training each week. This can be a daunting task if you don’t have the correct training plan to follow and guide you through it.

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Beginner Runners

The Beginner Marathon plan is a gently progression plan. Runners will start out with relatively easily mileage for the first couple weeks. As the plan progresses, the distance you will need to cover increases steadily as well. Runners completing the Beginner plan will find that the plans are most concerned with getting you to the finish line healthy, happy, and injury free.

Experienced Runners

Those wanting a little bit more of a push can take on the Intermediate Marathon plan. This training plan is a bit more aggressive with total weekly mileage, increases in long runs, and the addition of speed/tempo work. A first-timer can certainly start with the Intermediate plan, if they have completed a number of 10K or Half Marathon races in the past 12 months.

The Advanced Marathon training plan is meant for the seasoned distance runner and those looking to improve upon their previous performances.

Marathon Training

Select a training plan level (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced) from below to read the details. Each plan consists of a 20 week schedule for Marathon Runners. Inside each downloaded plan, you will find instructions on how to complete the different workouts. If you are looking for more detailed instructions or extra training advice, you might consider signing up for a Custom Training Program or Online Coaching with me.