Free Running Plans

Looking for a training plan to get you to the finish line of your next running challenge? Ready to move up in distance? Need some guidance on how to structure your day-to-day workouts? From 5K, 10K, half marathons, and marathons you have come to the right place for your long-distance training!

Below you will find links to my extensive run training plan library. All of these plans you can access for FREE! Simply click on a run training program distance below.

Within each distance you find three levels of training plans (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). 5K and 10K programs also have a Run-Walk option to view.

Read through the descriptions for the different levels within a specific distance. When you are ready, simply download the PDF file and get started training right away!

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5k training plans, run-walk, beginner, intermediate, advanced
Sunrise Running Company 10K training plans
Sunrise Running Company Half Marathon Training Plans
Sunrise Running Company FREE Marathon Training Plans. Plans designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners.

Other Training & Coaching Services

Personal Training

Meet in-person with a specific focus, price varies per session length and number.

Customized Training Plan

Hand built, custom training plan designed just for you and your goals, starting at $40.00.

Online Coaching

Dedicated to you and your goals. Customized training and expert advice, $159.99 per month.

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Unique t-shirts and stickers designed to match your running enthusiasm and achievements.