Looking for a training plan to get you to the finish line of your next running challenge? Need some guidance on how to structure your day-to-day workouts. From 5K, 10K, half marathons, and marathons you have come to the right place for your long-distance training!

Below you will see links to my extensive run training plan library, which you can access all for FREE! Simply click on a run training program button below. From there each distance has three levels of training plans (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). For the 5K and 10K training plans, I have written a Run-Walk program as well. Read through the descriptions to determine which run training plan is right for you.

When you have picked the training plan that best meets your needs and goals, you can download the PDF file and get started training right away!

These long-distance training plans are great place to start to learn how to fit your running goals into your busy life schedule. If you find that you need a more tailored approach, I’m available to write a custom training plan or provide you with regular coaching.

Free Training Plan Options:

5k training plans, run-walk, beginner, intermediate, advanced
Sunrise Running Company 10K training plans
Sunrise Running Company Half Marathon Training Plans
Sunrise Running Company FREE Marathon Training Plans. Plans designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners.


I am passionate about helping you achieve your running and fitness goals!  If you live near Modesto, California, consider scheduling a run form analysis, strength training session, or speed & agility session through my Personal Training service.  Ready to take on a new long distance challenge, but need a more guided approach?  Look into my Customized Training Plans and Online Coaching options.

I am here to help you train SMART, so please contact me with any questions about the free training plans.  Feel free to post training questions on any of my social media pages as well, FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Strava.  Check out my Learn page as well for resources about training.