10k Training Plans

The 10K (6.2 miles) is an event where a runner can enjoy everything there is to enjoy about road running. The distance is both a test of speed and endurance. Most runners that start a 10K training plan will already have some experience at completing at least a few 5K races. More experienced runners will find that training for a 10K race gives them an added performance boost to their longer distance racing.

Similar to a 5K training plan, a 10K training schedule can be done in about 8 to 10 weeks. I write my training plans for this distance at 10 weeks. This gives your body a little extra time to adapt to the stress of the additional training mileage.

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Beginner Runners

If this is your first 10K race, or race at any distance, pick the Run-Walk training plan. In this plan, you will find a gentle approach to teaching you how to run without injury. The Beginner 10K plan is about teaching you to run the entire race distance. A new runner could start with this plan. However, it is recommend that you allow proper time for your body to adapt to the stresses of running. Consider starting with the beginner plan if you have been consistently training for the past few months.

Experienced Runners

The more experienced runner or runner looking to now focus on time improvements will want to look into my Intermediate or Advanced training plans. The Intermediate 10K training plan should be used by an individual that is new to incorporating speed training into their routine. A seasoned runner may also prefer the Intermediate plan if they are looking for a good maintenance schedule. The Advanced 10K training plan is all about performance and running faster. You will be pushed with speed sessions and long run distance each week.

No matter which 10K training plan you choose, you will be given plenty of guided information. Select a training plan level (Run-Walk, Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced) from below to read more specific details. Each plan consists of a 10 week schedule. If you are looking for more detailed instructions or extra training advice, you might consider signing up for a Custom Training Program or Online Coaching with me.

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Run-Walk 10k Plan

The 10K Run-Walk training plan is designed for the first-time 10K runner and those who would like to run with a minimal risk of injury. If you are trying to increase your overall running mileage safely and progress into running longer distances, then this is the right plan for you!

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Beginner 10k Plan

The Beginner 10K training plan is designed for new runners who want to successfully run a 10K race. The focus of this plan is on a combination of easy runs, long distance runs, rest days, and optional cross-training.

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Intermediate 10k Plan

The Intermediate 10K training plan is designed with similar mileage to the Beginner 10K plan. This training plan is perfect for runners who have completed a 5K race and who are looking to take on a new challenge.

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Advanced 10k Plan

The Advanced 10K training plan follows a similar approach to the intermediate plan, but with even more focus on higher mileage and speed workouts. This training plan is meant for the seasoned 10K runner who is looking to improve their 10K finish times and performance.

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