The Advanced Marathon training plan is similar to the Intermediate plan, except that you begin with a 10-mile long run in week 1 and progress to two 20-mile long runs and one 22-mile long run in preparation for the marathon.

This plan includes 5 to 6 runs per week with a focus on long runs, speed workouts, tempo runs, race pace workouts, and cross-training sessions.  The goal of the Advanced Marathon program is to improve your marathon finish times and performance!

Speed workouts are meant to improve performance by focusing on a faster pace and efficiency.  Tempo runs and race pace workouts are designed to improve your comfort levels with running a faster pace for an increased amount of time.  As the plan progresses, the total running time and intensity of each session will increase.

This marathon training plan includes weekly cross-training workouts.  These cross-training workouts allow you to incorporate other activities you enjoy with this training plan.  Cross-training activities may include cycling, yoga, elliptical, swimming, or weight-lifting.  With the goal on improving your marathon time, cross-training workouts can make a remarkable difference in building strength and efficiency.

Individuals who consider themselves seasoned half marathon or marathon runners will want to choose this Advanced Marathon training plan to improve finish times.  You should be running 4 to 6 times per week for 45 to 90-minutes each time for at least one year.  It is recommended that you have completed at least one half marathon or marathon in the past year.  If you are running less, that is okay! Consider starting with the Intermediate marathon plan and building your fitness up to this Advanced Marathon program.


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