Are you ready to run your first marathon?  The Beginner Marathon training plan is the perfect program for first-time marathoners and those looking to smartly increase their mileage.

The Beginner Marathon training plan is 20-weeks in length and includes four runs per week.  You will start with a 6-mile long run in week 1 and progress to running a 20-mile long run in preparation for the race.  The focus throughout the plan is on a strategic combination of easy runs, long-distance runs, rest days, and cross-training.  With this approach, your body will have time to adapt to the increases in running each week and properly prepare you to finish a marathon.

In week 12, I introduce you to workouts that will help you to improve your speed and endurance.  If this is your first time incorporating structured workouts at a faster pace, follow the descriptions closely, and always listen to your body.  You can achieve your first marathon goal without these workouts.  However, these workouts can greatly improve your comfort level with running longer distances.

This marathon program includes two optional cross-training workouts per week.  These cross-training sessions allow you to incorporate other activities you enjoy with this training plan.  Cross-training activities may include cycling, yoga, elliptical, swimming, or weight-lifting.

Individuals will want to choose the Beginner Marathon program if they have been running 3 to 4 times per week for 40 to 50-minutes each time for at least the last six months.  If you are currently running less, that is okay!  Consider starting with the Beginner Half Marathon Plan and building your fitness up to take on this marathon plan.


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