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Define Your Goal…To Get Healthy, Run Your First Race, or Improve Your Previous Time with my online running coach service.

Online Run Coaching at Sunrise Running Company is 100% dedicated in you and your goals!

My run coaching is about getting to know you as the individual; with specific goals, a unique athletic history, personal motivators, and a dynamic life schedule.

There is no one-size-fits-all with this online fitness coaching from Sunrise Running Company!  The main advantage to training with me in this online run coach format is my ability to provide expert advice and guidance based on fundamental training principles and experiences.  I use Training Peaks to help athletes define clear goals, follow structured workouts, analyze performances, and receive feedback on any device!  This style of online fitness coaching allows athletes to recover quicker and understand the proper cycles of training for health and performance.


Looking for a more one-on-one personal training experience than what my online running coach services provide?  Learn more about my Personal Training options!

How Does My Online Run Coach Service Work?

I form a baseline training program for you based on your athlete profile, but the program and coaching are dynamic and progressive as your abilities improve and life circumstances change.

With this type of approach, I am able to help you improve your fitness level, decrease your risk of injury, increase your enjoyment of running, and allow you to take on bigger goals!
Every Coaching Session Includes…

Athlete Assessment
Assistance with Race Selection
Training Peaks weekly training plan with personalized daily workouts developed specifically for your goals
Establishment of Proper Racing/Training Paces
Weekly Phone and Email Communication

I use CoachUp for all coaching sessions. There is a one-time fee of $17.99 for all new clients. If you are ready to start, head over to the CoachUp site now!

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