Online Coaching

We offer online coaching to clients interested in improving their ability to run endurance events of all distances. Our run coaching is about getting to know you as the individual; with specific goals, a unique athletic history, personal motivators, and a dynamic life schedule. Thus, you require a tailored approach to training.

There is no one size fits all training with Sunrise Running Company, and the advantage to training with us is our ability to provide expert advice and guidance based on fundamental training principles and experiences.

Finding an Online Running Coach

Hiring an expert you’ve never met to guide your training requires research, but it can reap rewards. Read what writer and runner Phil Latter from Runnersworld has to say on the topic.

How Does the Online Coaching Work?

While we form a baseline training program for you based on your athlete profile, the program and coaching are dynamic and progressive as your abilities improve and life circumstances change. With this type of approach, we are able to help you improve your fitness level, decrease your risk of injury, increase your enjoyment of running, and allow you to take on bigger goals than you could have ever imagined!

Every Coaching Session Includes…

  • Athlete Assessment

  • Strava Premium Account (Plans 16-weeks or longer)

  • Assistance with Race Selection

  • Weekly Feedback

  • Establish Racing/Training Paces

  • Weekly Phone and Email Communication

We use CoachUp for all coaching sessions. There is a one-time fee of $17.99 for all new clients.
If you are ready to start, head over to the CoachUp site now!