In-Person Training Sessions

Coach Andrew Taylor is available for in-person training sessions for runners and fitness-minded individuals living in Greater Modesto, California. He has been coaching athletes of all ability levels and sports since 2006. Although his primary focus is on Track & Field, Cross Country, and Long-Distance Running, Andrew can help with overall speed, agility, and strength for any sport. Andrew is a USATF Level 1 Certifed Coach. View all Coaching Experience and Running Accomplishments.

If you’re looking to improve your fitness levels, overall performance, and to have fun while doing it, Coach Andrew Taylor is the right personal trainer for you!

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Strength & Conditioning Training Sessions

Strength and conditioning training sessions are composed of a warm-up segment that includes postural and technique drills for proper running mechanics, a training segment that includes strength exercises designed to improve the athlete’s sport-specific functional strength and biomotor abilities, and a cool-down segment designed to enhance the athlete’s recovery.

Speed & Endurance Training Sessions

Speed or endurance training sessions are composed of a warm-up segment that includes postural and technique drills for proper running mechanics, a training segment that provides for either short track intervals or tempo intervals designed to improve the athlete’s overall speed and endurance, and a cool-down segment intended to enhance the athlete’s recovery.

Running Form Training Sessions

Running form training sessions are primarily composed of postural and technique drills for proper running mechanics, an evaluation of the athlete’s running form, and a segment of strength exercises designed to improve the athlete’s running form and reduce the risk of injury from long-distance running.

Personal Training Session Questions?

I'm not fast, is a personal training session still good for me?

You don’t have to be fast to benefit from working with Coach Andrew Taylor! In fact, you don’t even need to be a runner or athlete! A personal training session can help you with setting goals, getting in shape, improving fitness, provide motivation and accountability, and more.

Review our article on “Do I Need a Running Coach?” to learn more. If you are goal-oriented and determined to have a plan to help you reach your goals, then an in-person training session is right for you!

Are you available for Personal Training Sessions in my area?

Coach Andrew Taylor is available for in-person training sessions that take place at the Modesto Junior College Track & Field or at Mary Sanders Soccer Complex. Travel outside of this to meet you for sessions can be discussed on an individual basis, but typically requires extra planning and costs.

How do I book/purchase training sessions?

All individuals interested in personal training sessions are encouraged to complete the New Athlete questionnaire first, click here. This helps to start the conversation between us about goals, costs, and availability.

Once you are ready to book training sessions, you can do so directly through my website. Book Sessions Now

How long are the training sessions?

Training Sessions can be booked in 30-minute or 60-minute sessions. Depending on your goals and the purpose of the workout, you may benefit from arriving 10-15 minutes before your start time to get in an extended warm-up period. This allows us to maximize the amount of time you have with Coach Andrew Taylor for proper instruction and completion of your prescribed workout.

How to choose the duration of your session…

  • Strength & Conditioning Sessions: These workouts can be accomplished in either 30 or 60-minute blocks. Typically, we find that 60-minute sessions are better for athletes focused on performance gains and already have a strong base of endurance to exercise for the entire time.
  • Speed & Endurance Sessions: These types of workouts are best as 60-minute blocks of time focused on drills, intervals, active recovery, strength, and proper cool-down.
  • Running Form Sessions: 30-minute sessions are more than adequate time for coaching and evaluating an individual for proper running form.

How do I communicate with my coach?

Most of our communication and all of our scheduling of sessions will be done through the email, phone, or text.

What if I can't make a training session?

I understand that things come up. As long as you let me know ahead of time, no worries. Just don’t leave me standing on the track wondering where you are!

What are Coach Andrew Taylors responsibilities in working with an athlete?

As a Certified Running Coach, Andrew Taylor’s responsibilities to all of his athletes. At the core of these responsibilities he strives to:

Be Honest. Transparency is the key to a successful coach-athlete relationship. Whether it’s telling an athlete that success may not come as quickly as expected, or telling the athlete that they don’t have the knowledge to answer a question, a coach has to be completely honest with an athlete.

Educate. This is probably the number reason why athletes seek to hire a running coach. You want to know the correct workouts to do and when to do them. You may also want to know why you are doing certain workouts. A running coach should provide you with that education as you go. At the same time, a running coach may not have all the answers or be qualified to answer your questions. In these cases, the coach should be able to refer you to a qualified resource to help.

What do I need to do as a coached athlete?

Athletes have responsibilities when working with a coach. This is what makes the coach-athlete relationship work. An individual seeking a running coach should be:

  • 100% committed to running.
  • Receptive to guidance from a certified running coach.
  • Committed to being the best runner they can be.
  • Willing to keep an open line of communication with the coach.

What are the benefits to personal training sessions?

  • Learn correct running form
  • Improve running strength
  • Developing running speed
  • Learn to run farther
  • Establish proper paces for both training and racing
  • Gain strength where it matters most
  • Stay healthy and learn to prevent Injuries

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