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FOUNDING – The Sunrise Running Company Track Club is an organization which was established in 2018 to promote the sports of Track & Field, Cross Country, Road Running, and Racewalking in the Greater Modesto, California area.

MISSION – Our vision is to encourage, promote and be a vehicle for which athletes use to develop mentally, socially, and physically.  We believe that the hard work, dedication, character, and mental toughness necessary to meet the goals set forward by our club, parallels the challenges that we face in our everyday lives.

Who We Train With:

At the Sunrise Running Club High School Track Sessions, athletes can continue to improve their fitness and performance levels during the seasons between sports.  We are primarily geared toward middle to long-distance runners, but athletes of all events and sports will find benefits to our training style.

During each training session, athletes will experience interval work, speed and agility drills, flexibility exercises, core work, and body-weight-based strength training.  Each athlete will receive individual instruction from an experienced coach.

Sessions will also feature discussion on various topics such as racing, motivation, pacing, nutrition, and team bonding.  Athletes will have the opportunity to continue to work as a group, just as they do on their respective teams, in a competitive, but encouraging environment.  Athletes also receive mileage plans to help guide their training on non-track days.

2018 Summer Track Program will be held Monday, July 23rd to Thursday, August 9th:

  • 6 workouts (Monday and Thursday from 10:00-11:30 AM)
  • Occasional Saturday workouts, TBD
  • $60.00 for all 6 workouts OR register for any number of single workouts for $12.00 per workout.

Please read the club details before registering you or your athlete:

*Please Note.  Registering for sessions means you are paying regardless of attendance.  If you miss a workout, there is no individual make-up session.  We would be happy to work with you to roll a workout over to the next season of workouts.


Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about the Sunrise Running Track Club and participation.