Live Learn RUN.


My name is Andrew Taylor. I’m an Endurance Coach, Ultra-runner, and Website/Graphic Designer. I know what you’re thinking. You don’t hear those combination of skills together all that often. However, as it is with running, you go where the work leads you, focus on developing both strengths and weaknesses, and achieving your goals!

Through Sunrise Running Company, I offer…

ENDURANCE COACHING – I specialize in endurance and fitness coaching for individuals looking to start up or improve their current performance. I offer a full range of personal coaching and training plan options. I make fitness and form a priority by training smart and focusing on strength, running form, speed, and agility! All of my services seek to provide a dynamic and progressive environment to improve your fitness levels, reduce the risk of injury, and increase your enjoyment of the activity of your choice. My goal when working with any individual is simple – I want to help you progress in your fitness levels, health, lifestyle, and happiness.

ONLINE SHOP – With a growing knowledge of website and graphic design came the excitement to create a high quality alternative to fitness/running shirts and accessories on the market. After years of working in specialty retail, I understand what it means to balance inspiration, quality, and performance in creating a lifestyle brand of clothing and accessories. I want you to take pride in showing off your favorite sport or activity with all of my custom print items available in my shop. I am constantly working to refine my designs to get them just right for the high-quality products I offer.

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