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Join us for an 8-week Virtual Race and Training Program!

Looking for a running program to participate in during this difficult time? Join us for this Virtual Race and Coaching Plan to complete a Virtual Run/Walk 5K or 10K.

Through this program, we will give you the means to stay on track with your training, help you to stay motivated, give you an outlet to connect with fellow runners (virtually), and give you a fun prize at the end!

How it works:

  • Get signed up online (deadline to register is May 3rd).
  • We will send you an invite to both our private Facebook Group and our private Strava Club.
  • On Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (May 1-3), all athletes will run/walk a safe and Socially Distant 5K or 10K in their area. This can be done outside, on a treadmill, or anywhere you see fit. Once completed, you will log your time with Strava. We will post results for each Virtual Race Distance in a private Facebook Group.
  • Then for 8 weeks, Coach Andrew will provide you with 2 race-specific workouts per week. That’s, 16 Race-Specific Workouts! These workouts will be based on the distance you have chosen during registration (5K or 10K). The goal will be to improve from the time of your 1st Virtual Race to the time of the 2nd Virtual Race in the series!
  • On Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (June 26-28), all athletes will again run a safe and Socially Distance 5K or 10K in their area.
  • At the end, we will compare the times from your first Virtual Race to the most recent one. We will again post results so that you can see how you stacked up against the virtual field!
  • Upon completion of the 8-Weeks, you will receive a commemorative Running Is Not Cancelled Sticker AND 5K/10K Sticker! See what the stickers look like below.
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  • $15.00 for Virtual Race and Coaching Only.
  • $20.00 for Virtual Race, Coaching, and the two stickers (5K or 10K AND Running Is Not Cancelled Sticker)

So, how do you get started?

  • Register on our site by selecting the “Register Now” button below.
  • Download and create an account on Strava.
  • Wait for an invite to both our private Facebook Group and private Strava Club.
  • We will be in touch via email and Facebook from there with further instructions.

So, let’s get ready to run, train and have fun together, virtually!

Register Now

Running Is Not Cancelled T-Shirt

Not included in your Virtual Race and Coaching Plan. However, if you want to commemorate your participation with a unique t-shirt, we have that option as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register?

A. Yes, if you want to receive either the race-specific workout emails or sticker prizes. You need to register on the here.

Can I register after May 3rd?

A. Yes, we will leave the registration up on our website throughout the event (now through June 28th). However, if you register after May 3rd, you will not have a posted time for the first Virtual 5k/10k.

Can I register for someone else or for multiple people?

A. Yes, we have instructions on the registration page on the website. You will want to enter the required information for each participant to make them fully eligible for the event.

When will the workouts be sent out?

A. You will receive an email on Sunday (11:30 PM PST) night each week that contains your workouts.

What will be included in the 8-weeks of emails?

A. Based on your registered event (5k or 10k), you will receive an email that contains four levels of workouts (Run/Walk, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), guidance on selecting your level, instructions for complete the workout, training tips, and motivational quotes.

Where can I complete my Virtual 5k/10k?

A. This is a socially distant virtual race. You can complete your race on the road, trails, or treadmill, in any way you like as long as it is a run or walk (no bikes, scooters, mopeds, golf carts, hovercrafts, dogsleds, you get the point).

How do I record my Virtual 5k or 10k time?

A. We would prefer that all times get posted to the Strava Group, but we know not everyone uses this app. If you cannot post your Virtual 5k/10k time to Strava between May 1st-3rd, then please post a picture to the Facebook event page of your Garmin, Timex, or whichever device you record with.

How will results be posted for each Virtual 5k/10k?

A. On Monday (5/4), we will gather all the results and publish them to a Google Sheet.

What are the prizes? And when will I get them?

A. If you selected Sticker Swag during registration, you will receive a Running Is Not Cancelled Sticker AND a 5k Sticker or 10k Sticker (based on your chosen distance) in the mail by the end of the event.

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