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Online Run Coaching

Meet Coach Andrew Taylor, your ideal online coach, ready to help you elevate your running abilities. As an experienced ultra-running coach, he possesses the expertise and inspiration to propel you toward your running goals. Whether you aspire to qualify for the Boston Marathon, conquer an ultramarathon, or explore new heights in your running journey with the support of a dedicated coach, this monthly online run coaching service is tailored perfectly for you!

Get started today for $129.99 per month.

Ayush Sobti
Ayush Sobti
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"I've been working with Andrew for a little over 2 years and in that time he has coached me through my longest race to date (Ancient Lakes 55k), along with several other shorter distance races (half-marathon to 35k). Andrew is very responsive and has always been prompt to adapt my training plan based on how I'm feeling, my schedule, etc."

Coaching on Your Schedule

No fuss, no contracts. Stay for a month, a year, or as long as you desire, and enjoy all the benefits! Your personalized training plan comes complete with support for goal setting, guidance on training paces, daily/weekly workout notifications, open communication channels with Coach Andrew Taylor, and a host of additional perks!

In-depth 1-On-1 Consultation

Enrolling in our monthly online run coaching will allow you to complete a comprehensive athlete questionnaire. Take your time to provide detailed answers regarding your training and racing history, daily schedule, and goals. Once completed, Coach Andrew Taylor will coordinate a personalized 1-on-1 call to dive deeper into your running journey and discuss the overall training plan.

Training that Adapts with You

Keep the communication flowing by offering feedback to Coach Andrew Taylor throughout your training via Final Surge on an unlimited basis. Share the outcomes of key workouts, highlight any concerns, or communicate changes in your schedule. This ongoing dialogue empowers Coach Andrew Taylor to dynamically adjust and tailor the online run coaching program to perfectly suit your evolving needs.

Online Run Coaching Questions?

You don’t have to be fast to benefit from working with Coach Andrew Taylor! An online running coach can help you with setting goals, choosing races, create an individualized plan, provide motivation and accountability, and more.

Review our article on “Do I Need a Running Coach?” to learn more. If you are goal-oriented and determined to have a plan to help you reach your goals, then the Personal Online Run Coaching plan is right for you!

There is no set required length of my Personal Online Running Coach plans. You subscribe and pay once per month. Stay for 1 month, 1 year, or longer! You can unsubscribe at any time without paying any penalty.

The Personal Online Running Coach plan is billed monthly through Final Surge. So you pay $129.99 today, then you are automatically billed on the same date each month.

Your training plan will be constructed typcially in 4-week blocks and delivered to you in Final Surge. You can sync your watches, Strava, and other devices, so all your info is in one place. Coach Andrew Taylor can comment on a workout as soon as the data is entered or uploaded. He personally gets email notifications anytime an athlete updates their log, so it is straightforward to get quick feedback.

I understand that things can change quickly in life. If something comes up where you need to take a break from your Online Plan, just me know. I will put your plan and payments on hold. You will not be charged or receive any training plan communication from me until you let me know you are ready to resume coaching.

You can communicate with Coach Andrew Taylor via Final Surge on an unlimited basis. In addition, you can schedule up to two (2) phone or video calls per month for in-depth conversations about your training plan, workout results, or upcoming races.

As a Certified Running Coach, Andrew Taylor’s responsibilities to all of his athletes. At the core of these responsibilities he strives to:

Be Honest. Transparency is the key to a successful coach-athlete relationship. Whether it’s telling an athlete that success may not come as quickly as expected, or telling the athlete that they don’t have the knowledge to answer a question, a coach has to be completely honest with an athlete.

EducateThis is probably the number reason why athletes seek to hire a running coach. You want to know the correct workouts to do and when to do them. You may also want to know why you are doing certain workouts. A running coach should provide you with that education as you go. At the same time, a running coach may not have all the answers or be qualified to answer your questions. In these cases, the coach should be able to refer you to a qualified resource to help.

Athletes have responsibilities when working with a coach. This is what makes the coach-athlete relationship work. An individual seeking a running coach should be:

  • 100% committed to running.
  • Receptive to guidance from a certified running coach.
  • Committed to being the best runner they can be.
  • Willing to keep an open line of communication with the coach.
  • An in-depth strategy session to discuss your goals and plan to achieve them.
  • Personalized training plan with workout paces and distances appropriate to you.
  • Complete detailed warm-ups, cool-downs, and cross-training workouts appropriate to you.
  • Assistance with race selection and properly planning out a race calendar.
  • Establishment of proper training paces to help you run faster, recover quicker, and stay healthy.
  • Unlimited communication with Coach Andrew via Final Surge.
  • Check-In Meetings: Option for up to two 30-minute Zoom video calls or phone calls per month. Or if you are local to Modesto, CA this can be an in-person consult.
  • Ongoing expert analysis and feedback on your runs and GPS data.

Online Run Coaching

Work with Certifed Coach Andrew Taylor
$ 129
  • Customized Running Plan
  • Weekly Workout Plans and Adjustments
  • Assistance with Race Selection
  • Training Built Around Your Schedule
  • Assistance with Establishing Training Paces
  • Assistance with SMART Goal Setting
  • Coaches Feedback on Key Workouts
  • Unlimited Communication via Final Surge
  • Two Monthly Zoom Video Calls (if desired)
  • Strength and Cross-Training Guidance