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Sunrise Running Company Articles

At Sunrise Running Company, education is important. I try to publish one new article per week on topics that I know have helped me and other runners a lot over the years.

Runner dealing with shin splints

Shin Splints

If you are new to running or have upped your training, you could be at risk of developing shin splints. Know how to prevent and treat this common running injury.

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Coaching Services

At Sunrise Running Company, I specialize in training for Long Distance Track & Field Events, Cross Country, Ultra Marathons, and Trail Running! If you are looking for the best personal running coach for your next racing season, off-season, or upcoming trail adventure, you’ve come to the right place. I know how to build a personalized training plan to take you from where you are now to achieving your goals!

Every coaching session and training plan takes into account your life outside of running as well. I want to make sure that your training volume, training intensity, and racing goals are SMART for your experience level and overall life schedule.