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My name is Andrew Taylor. I’m an Endurance Coach, Ultra-runner, and Website/Graphic Designer. I know what you’re thinking. You don’t hear those combination of skills together all that often. However, as it is with running, you go where the work leads you, focus on developing both strengths and weaknesses, and achieving your goals!

My goal is be a top resource for education and personal training for endurance athletes.  In addition, I aim to be the creator of fun inspiring apparel and accessories for those same endurance enthusiasts!



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Sunrise Running Company 10K training plans

Sunrise Running Company Half Marathon Training Plans

Sunrise Running Company FREE Marathon Training Plans. Plans designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners.


  • "Coach Andrew is a great coach! I hired him for strength and conditioning and he knows how to push you!!! He has a good plan for anyone who is trying to better themselves."
  • "Great coach and very knowledgeable. Always has a positive attitude and is very encouraging. Would definitely recommend."
  • "I ordered these custom shirts adding our running team logo on the back. SunriseRunCo was super easy to work with to customize my order and very responsive and timely. The shirts arrived so quickly that I wasn't sure what the package was when it arrived. I wasn't expecting them for another week! The quality of shirts is great. It's a super lightweight shirt (does run a little small) that will be perfect for running in hot temps. The shirts were a big hit with our team. I will gladly use SunriseRunCo again for our next order."
  • "Andrew works great with where you are according to your fitness level. Our first session was very encouraging and yet, challenging. Which was great!!!"
  • "Though I always enjoyed the short run and triathlons, I never imagined myself running a 50K race distance. Andrew helped me believe in my abilities to do something so 'unimaginable!' Today, I stand tremendously grateful for the expertise, patience, and genuine kindness of Andrew. He has been an invaluable resource over the years!"
  • "Andrew managed to push me to work as hard as I could during my workouts and still have a lot of fun while doing it. I looked forward to my sessions with Andrew because I could see myself improving and knew that his workouts were making me a better athlete."
  • “I recently completed my first 10K after following a customized training plan from Andrew. I finished in under my goal time. The best thing was, I broke through a plateau I had been in with distance. I was finally able to complete 6-8 miles consistently and still have energy left over! He did a great job taking the numbers I sent him about my current runs and turning them into a training plan that took into consideration my current level of fitness and my goals. Andrew’s a great encourager with lots of experience to help runners at any level.”
  • "Love it! Running more is my goal and I will proudly wear this tee as my mantra, thank you!"


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