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The Sunrise Running Company running blog is an educational place to learn about long-distance running and racing. Just learning how to run? Need advice on the best running form or workouts for your race distance? Our running blog is all about helping you to become a strong and better runner!

You will find articles that we’ve written to recap racing experiences, injury prevention, training concepts, nutrition, and more! Find an article that you like? Make sure to leave us a comment and dive deeper into that article category on the website to learn even more.

I hope you enjoy the education and stories, and that you are able to walk away with something new learned.

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Tempo Runs - Workout of the Week

Tempo Runs: Workout of the Week

Tempo Runs are important for all long-distance runners. We cover the what, why, and how in this workout of the week topic. Get started with tempo run sessions today.

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Speed Workouts - Workout of the Week Collection

Speed Workouts: Workout of the Week

Speed workouts can be the difference in helping you reach your running goals. View our collection of speed training sessions to learn more. Become a member to unlock this article and receive other great perks. Already a member? Sign in Not a member? Sign-up now!

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Steady State Run - Workout of the Week featured image

Steady State Run: Workout of the Week

The Steady State Run is one of the best ways to boost your endurance and increase your resistance to fatigue. Learn how to this workout add to your running routine. To access this post, you must purchase Running Club – or Online Run Coaching.

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