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The Sunrise Running Company running blog is the educational place to learn about long-distance training and racing. Just learning how to run? Need advice on the perfect running form? On this page you will find articles that I have written to recap personal racing experiences, injury prevention, training concepts, nutrition, and more! I have made it easy to browse through the articles by category as well. I hope you enjoy the education and stories, and that you are able to walk away with something new learned.

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Article Categories

Strategies to Combat Over-Training

Over-training syndrome may limit your ability to perform optimally. It is, therefore, crucial that you identify those signs that let you know if you may have developed the over-training syndrome.

Eat Smarter than Your Competition

Nutrition impacts sporting performance and it should not be overlooked. An excellent nutritional plan will help to outperform your competitors. Eat Smart, learn more!

Hitting the Running ‘Reset’ Button

We all want to be at the top of our game, at all times. But what happens when there’s a setback? How do you overcome injury? Or burnout? Or a plateau in progression? These challenges are all indicative of one thing- the body needs to rest and reset.

Base Training – Why Runners Need Base Building

Base building is a commonly used but rarely well defined term in running. Base training can be summed up as teaching your body to rely on fat for fuel at increasing paces.

Canyons 100k Endurance Run Report

Read my report from the 2019 Canyons 100k in Forsthill, CA. A challenging course taking place on the iconic Western States trail.

Setting Proper Race Goals

Setting proper race goals can keep you from asking that question, why did my race not go as planned? Learn when and how to set proper goals for your training cycle and upcoming races.

30 Day Strength Challenge for Runners

Join me in this 30 Day Strength Challenge for Runners. Complete workouts in just 10-20 minutes each day to become a stronger and more efficient runner.

Happiest Holidays from Sunrise Running Company

From our families to yours…we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are so very grateful for the relationships we have with all of you, and for the continued support you have shown us in 2018.

6 Best Running Apps

Review the best running apps for iPhone and Android devices. I break down the 6 best running apps by features, pros, and cons. Start tracking your fitness!

5 Ways to Improve Running Speed

You have been running for some time now and have grown more comfortable with running in the local 5k and 10k races. Now you are wondering if you can improve your running speed?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Marathon Race Week

Circumstances out of your control, such as bad weather, sudden illness, or travel delays can cause unnecessary anxiety. While focusing on the elements of preparation that you can control…

Do you bounce when you run?

From this closer look at running form, the focus is on learning how bounce in your running stride can reduce your performance and increase your risk for injury. If you…

Hydrate for Summer Running

Six Tips for hydrating in the heat and preventing dehydration for your summer running months. Make a consistent plan for hydrating and prepare yourself properly for the elements…

Understanding the Rate of Perceived Effort Scale (RPE)

The Rate of Perceived Effort Scale (RPE) is very useful in helping to determine if you are exercising at the intended intensity for a workout. Learn how to use this scale to maximize your training benefits from running.

Common Injuries: Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain among runners. Learn about some of the causes and contributing factors, where it hurts, and how to treat.

Do You Make Any of These 10 Common Running Mistakes?

These common running mistakes have probably found their way into your running at one time or another. But, have you learned from them before they resulted in injury, burnout, or poor performance?

Run Cadence – A Closer Look at Running Form

Run Cadence, it’s more than just the number of times your feet make contact with the ground every minute. Why is it so important and how do you improve your running cadence?

Training Paces – Why You Should Know Them? Stamina, Tempo, Speed, Easy, Sprint, Long Runs

If your goals are to get faster, run longer, build more muscle, or even to lose weight, you may want to consider adding stamina runs, tempo runs, speed runs and more to your training routine.

4 Proven Long Run Variations

The long run is a crucial ingredient for any distance runners training routine. Learn how variations can keep you from boredom and have you running faster times.

Hoka Bondi 5 Review by the Babble Out

Read this great review by the folks at The Babble Out to see if the Hoka Bondi 5 is a good match for your feet! Keep reading…

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide – 2017

What fitness tracker do I choose? We are fortunate to have so many ways to track our fitness progress these days. But how do you know which method is right for you? Read these reviews to help your next purchase.

Javelina Jundred – Running Comfortably

When my time to properly train for Javelina Jundred started to slip away in September, I did not hit the panic button. Instead, I settled on what training I could complete. Read my experience at the 2017 Javelina Jundred Endurance Run.

RunGum Energy Product Review

RunGum is a not an ordinary chewing gum. If you are a chewing gum type person, you better forget all your assumptions before trying RunGum. One piece of RunGum is packed with 50-mg of caffeine, taurine, and B-vitamins.

Motivation: How to Start Training

With the abundance of fitness gyms, recreation centers, fitness clubs, and more, finding a place to exercise is easier than ever before. Choose an activity, and with a just little bit of expense, you can be out the door improving your well-being. But what if your motivation is lacking?

Global Running Day with Sunrise Run Co

Wednesday, June 7th is Global Running Day and we want to see you log some miles that day! Global Running Day is a day for people around the world to celebrate the joys of running. Participation is easy — just pledge to take part in some type of running activity on June 7th, 2017. ItContinue reading

Breakfast: The Key to Health & Fitness Success?

Breakfast can be the difference between having the energy to get through the day or not. For the fitness individual, it can also be the difference in achieving your health and fitness goals!

Common Injuries: Achilles Tendon

The Achilles Tendon is the largest tendon in your body. This tendon is easy to injury as an athlete as well in your everyday life. It stretches from the calf muscle to your heel bone and acts like a spring to help you walk, run, and jump.

7 Essentials to be Ready for Spring Training

Not in the shape that you left off with last Fall? Set yourself up for a successful running season with these 7 essentials for training success.

Should I Run for Time or Distance?

There are two ways to track your running, by time or by distance. If you are training at the proper pace for your fitness level, then neither method is drastically different. The trick is finding the correct pace to run each workout to reach optimal performance.

FOURmidable Wet and Muddy Race Report – February 18th, 2017

My first ultramarathon of 2017. Lacking in endurance, relying on strength and experience, I took on the challenge that is FOURmidable 50K in Auburn, CA.

Returning to Running After an Injury

Running after an injury or extended period away requires a gradual progression that can be frustrating or discouraging. However, following these steps will have you feeling like your normal running self and even possibly running better than ever before.

2017 Turner’s Tuff 10

This past weekend, I participated in the 2017 Turner’s Tuff 10 at Red Hills Area of Critical Environmental Concern near Jamestown, CA. The race is organized by the Dusty Bottoms Trail Runners group out of Modesto, CA.

Cross Training for Trail Running

In part 2 of practicing trail running, we are going to take a close look at why every runner should include cross-training in their routine. To conclude, we will also discuss the most common forms of cross training for trail running.

Common Injuries: Runner’s Knee

Running causes irritation on the patella (kneecap) where it rests on the thighbone. The pain resulting from this irritation can be dull or sharp, and alignment persistent. The following is more detail to consider related to possible Runner’s Knee.

Trail Running Form

You have decided to step off the road and onto the trails for your next race. We can tell you that you are in for a real treat, but it shouldn’t be a surprise. Proper trail running form requires you to use more muscle groups throughout your body to remain quick and agile.

Orange Mud Hydraquiver Vest Pack

Orange Mud Hydraquiver Vest Pack 1 performed extraordinarily well for 17-miles (4-hours) on the hills of Pleasanton Ridge. Its comfortable fit and bounce-free design, makes this pack very competitively priced on the market. Plus, it’s made in the U.S.A!

Winter Treadmill Workouts

Don’t let the cold winter months keep you from properly preparing for an early spring race. With these eight winter treadmill workouts, you can stay off the icy roads, feel satisfied with your workouts, and continue to meet all your fitness goals.

Western States 100 – It’s Not About the Finish Clock

Just getting into the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run is not taken for granted by any ultramarathon runner. To reach this point was the culmination of sacrifice and passion for a sport that has been part of my life for 25 years.

Western States 100 Training Camp

My adventure towards the training camp started four days before the weekend began. I drove my car cross-country from Charleston, SC to Modesto, CA. packed with everything I needed for running, boxes of clothes, and my bike on the roof.

Western States Training – May 2016

The month of May was probably the most critical month for the Western States training. I ended my run streak of consecutive days at 113 to take on a more focused approach to my training. With the writing of this post, there is still a week to go in the month.

2016 Wambaw Swamp Stomp 50

The 2016 Wambaw Swamp Stomp 50-Mile Trail Run took place on May 7th and represented the last trail running race I would participate in South Carolina for some time to come.

Western States 100 Training – April 2016

After a bit of an easy week with Flowertown Festival and my mom visiting us, the mileage went back up. My training plan now would start to call for a few more focused workouts to try to simulate some of the features of Western States 100 missing by living in Summerville, SC.

Western States Training – March 2016

The month of March resulted in a very consistent Western States training schedule that left me feeling confident in my abilities leading into the final three months.  I have found that 50 miles per week truly is my sweet spot in training; balancing both family/work and physical/mental strength.

WS100 Training – February 2016

Overall, I have to say the month of February was a good first full month of training. The month started a little difficultly, but it ended with a solid string of long runs that have left me feeling very confident in the training plan that I have laid out for Western States 100.

WS100 Training – January 2016

Just as my training for Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run was getting started, I put myself into a position that quickly reminded me what not do when training for an ultramarathon…

Life Changes & WS100 Prep

The last six months of 2015 were a bit of an up and down roller coaster in my life.  Dropping from TRT100 and a failing career path sent me into a state of depression and dislike for rigorous run training.  

Tahoe Rim Trail 100 (62 Miles Complete)

The race was supposed to be my main event in 2015. Unfortunately, it turned out to be my first DNF in a 100-miler. Only my second DNF in any a very long list of races that comes with running for 20+ years!

Quest for the Crest 50K

2015 Quest for the Crest 50K Race Report I originally signed up for the Quest for the Crest 50K as a training run for the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 in July (Read My TRT100 Race Report). However, as the race unfolded, I found myself in the midst of a far greater challenge than expected. TakingContinue reading

Training Race for the “A” Race (Peyton’s Recap)

On Saturday, March 14th, I had the great honor of running in Peyton’s Wild & Wacky 5K Ultra at Middleton Place Plantation in Charleston, SC. The race consisted of running a 5K on the hour, every hour, for 10 straight hours.

Partial Off-Season

As an ultrarunner it is difficult to find the time of year to allow my body to rest and recover. The physical and mental demands of hard training and racing add up quickly on us all. Team sports give an athlete a natural flow of when to train, compete, and recover…

Pinhoti 100 – The Course of a Year

Pinhoti 100 is a point-to-point endurance run taking place the first weekend of November every year. The course goes through the Talladega National Forest in Alabama. This was my second time at the event.

Final Preparations for Pinhoti 100

Two weeks out from Pinhoti 100 and the Facebook group for the race becomes full of chatter. Runners posts questions about water crossings, climbs, aid station support, pacers, crew access, headlamps, shoes, weather, and much more! There are also posts highlighting runners last long training runs, which can make you question if you did enoughContinue reading

’14 Francis Marion Dirt Dash

After completing the Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run at the beginning of August in 24 hours and 19 minutes, I decided to remove myself from running for three weeks. This meant taking myself out of the planned Homestead 10x5K. I had really been looking forward to this event after completing it in August 2013.Continue reading

Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run

“One quarter of the race left, one quarter of the race left!” As I stood idle in the dark on an empty trail, I keep telling myself this as my left leg had decided to not bend at the knee any longer. At this point, it had been approximately 65 miles since the outside ofContinue reading

Summer Training/Racing 2014

After completing my first 100-miler in November 2013 at the Pinhoti 100, I decided that tackling two 100-milers in 2014 would be a great challenge, so I registered early for both the Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run (BR100) in Ohio and a return trip to Pinhoti 100 in Alabama. To help build my strengthContinue reading

’14 Wambaw Swamp Stomp 50-mi

Saturday, May 3, 2014 Cordesville, SC – Swamp Fox Passage and Jericho Horse Trail Finish Time – 9:13:52 The following is my recap of the day at the 2nd Annual Wambaw Swamp Stomp 50-mile Trail Run that I completed back on Saturday, May 3rd. This event started at the Witherbee Ranger Station in the middleContinue reading