trail running at night

A full moon illuminating the sky, an enhanced sense of solitude, coyotes howling in the distance—okay, maybe not the last one—make trail running at night magical. Though many people experience pure fear at every turn, night trail running has become very popular.

Trail running at night opens a new world of possibilities and experiences. The quiet night landscape will allow you to hear and see things you typically wouldn’t during the daylight hours. However, there is often a lot of intimidation and anxiety surrounding trail night running, and often, for rational reasons.

This article will shed light— no pun intended—on tips for trail running at night. As with all things, preparation and education are necessary to ensure an exciting and safe run. Whether you’re running for five minutes or all night long, you should prepare reasonably and think logically. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself lacing up your running shoes and heading out into the night.

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