Trail Running Tips

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Trail Running Tips

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benefits of running hill workouts

Benefits of Running Hill Workouts

We all know that running hill workouts are an excellent way to improve your running, but have you ever wondered what exactly is a hill workout, or why they’re so effective?

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Running uphill tips from Sunrise Running Company

Tips for Running Hills

There are few greater feelings than the accomplishment of reaching the peak of a hill on training runs or in races. With the proper form and mentality, mastering the art of hill running can positively impact our running experience.

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Beginner trail running image of couple running in forest

Beginner Trail Running Tips

Our beginner trail running tips give you everything you need to know to start your first off-road running adventure. Learn about route planning, buying the right gear, and keeping the proper running form.

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cross training exercise for trail running

Cross Training for Trail Running

In part 2 of practicing trail running, we are going to take a close look at why every runner should include cross-training in their routine. To conclude, we will also discuss the most common forms of cross training for trail running.

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