Beginner Running Plans

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Beginner Running Plans

Welcome to our Beginner Running Plans, thoughtfully crafted to guide individuals of all fitness levels through the transformative journey of running, whether you’re eyeing the accomplishment of a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or the full marathon. Our beginner-friendly programs are designed with accessibility in mind, emphasizing gradual progression and building the endurance necessary for success. For those taking their initial strides into running, our plans provide a supportive introduction, laying the foundation for a fulfilling and sustainable running experience.

Additionally, our run-walk plans for 5K and 10K distances offer an inclusive approach, making the distances approachable for every fitness level.

Whether you’re looking to achieve your first 5K milestone or contemplating the challenge of a full marathon, our beginner plans are tailored to instill confidence and joy into every step of your running journey. Lace up your shoes, embrace the excitement, and embark on a path that leads to newfound fitness and accomplishment. Your adventure in running begins here.

These beginner level training plans are also great for individuals coming back from an injury, or for someone that has never followed a structured training program before.

For those who have never run or walked for long distances before, you will most likely want to start with one of the Run-Walk training plans. You can choose from either a 5K or 10K race distance. In these plans, you will find a gentle approach to teaching you how to run.

If you have been running fairly consistently for the past six months, then you can start with one of the beginner 5K or 10K running plans. These plans will teach you how to build your weekly mileage, incorporate cross-training, and develop your endurance for what larger goals you might have ahead.

Lastly, if you have completed a few 5K or 10K races and are ready to learn how to take on a longer running challenge, we’ve created beginner running plans for both the half marathon and marathon distance. Similar to the other beginner level plans, the half marathon and marathon training are all about teaching you how to build your weekly mileage, increase your long run distance, and incorporating cross-training into your routine to be a stronger all around runner.

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Ready to Improve Your Race Times?

If you have completed one or more beginner running plans and are ready to improve your performance, please look into our Intermediate and Advanced Running Plans. All of the more advanced plans follow a similar structure to the beginner running plans but with a focus on improving your race times. These training plans will properly introduce you to speed workouts, tempo runs, race pace runs, and more.

View the Intermediate and Advanced Running Plans at the link below.