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Elevate Your Run: Experience Sunrise+ Virtual Running Club

Elevate your running experience by joining today and gaining access to all the essential tools for your best performance. It’s time to take your runs to the next level with the Sunrise+ Virtual Running Club Membership! Whether you prefer solo sessions, running with friends, or engaging with the coaches and community of Sunrise+, our membership caters to all.

Whether your goal is a 5k or a challenging 100-miler, Sunrise+ has you covered! Join now to unlock many resources, including diverse running plans, interactive training message boards, and exclusive Final Surge tools. Members enjoy a up to 20% off on running shoes and gear as a bonus through our exclusive affiliate partners. Join us on the journey to your best run yet. Get started today for $9.95 per month.

Virtual Running Club Membership Benefits

The Sunrise+ Virtual Running Club is affordable at $9.95 per month. Your membership includes access to all of the following fantastic benefits…

Sunrise+ Membership FAQ

Currently, we have over 18 running plans and fitness challenges. These training programs cost $19.99 to $39.99 per plan when purchased individual through Final Surge. However, Sunrise+ Virtual Running Club members receive access to ALL training plans on demand.

There is at least one training plan for every experience level of runner and standard running distance (5k to 100 miles). The running plans include week-to-week instructions on what to do each day and basic terminology to help you better understand the science of running. Each plan is available once you sign up for Sunrise+ Virtual Running Club through our Final Surge coaching page.

All Sunrise+ Virtual Running Club members have the opportunity to access ALL of our running plans digitally through the Final Surge platform.

  • Daily workout notifications
  • Ability to set prescribed pace zones for each workout
  • NEW! Sync structured workouts to your Garmin Device
  • Drag and drop calendar for easy schedule modifications
  • Immediate access to plan with the ability to apply by start date or an end date
  • Lifetime access to plan to use over (plus the ability to update paces)
  • Messageboard access to Andrew for general training questions

Through your Sunrise+ membership and Final Surge account, Coach Andrew Taylor will be available to…

  • Help you establish proper training paces such as Easy, Recovery, Tempo, and Threshold pace.
  • Teach you how to use the Final Surge platform to track and evaluate your training progress.
  • Add one of our pre-built running plans to your Final Surge calendar based on your upcoming goal race.
  • Answer general questions related to the workouts on one of our pre-built running plans.

We include a private message board via inside of your club membership via Final Surge and Strava Training Group to give our Virtual Running Club members a means to connect with their friends and fellow athletes. We aim to build a community that gives and receives advice, offers encouragement, and shares in each other’s experiences.

Sunrise+ Virtual Running Club members will receive 15% off ALL their purchases directly from the Sunrise Running Company website. In addition, we will run special promotions throughout the year exclusively for our members. Shop discounts are valid on stickers, clothing, and accessories.

We are partnering with some of the best running retailers and brands in the country to offer exclusive savings on running shoes and gear! When you sign-up for a Sunrise+ membership, you will unlock instant access to begin shopping with all of our online partners.

Do you need a more personalized approach to training?

Coach Andrew Taylor at Sunrise Running Company is ideal for runners looking to take the next step in their running ability. He is a running coach that can provide you with the motivation and knowledge needed to reach your goals. Whether it’s to qualify for the Boston Marathon, complete an ultramarathon, or simply to see where your running can take you under the guidance of a running coach, this monthly online run coaching service is the perfect service for you!
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