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Is the Fast Finish Long Run part of your Marathon Training?

Long-run training is a staple of every training plan for a marathon or ultramarathon. There is no way to prepare for these long-distance races without it. Once you have developed the ability to run for a long distance, you may now be thinking about setting a personal best time. To accomplish a faster time, you will need to learn to run faster on tired legs and depleted energy. Adding variety to your marathon training with workouts such as the fast finish long run will help you achieve this goal.

What is the goal of a Fast Finish Long Run?

From a psychological perspective, a fast finish long run teaches you how to continue to push the pace in the late stages of a race. You learn to ignore the burning in your legs and the urge to slow down. When you reach this point of fatigue in a marathon, whether it be mile 18 or 22, you will have the confidence from this long-run workout to continue to push forward.

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