Speed Workouts - Workout of the Week Collection

Speed Workouts for Long-Distance Runners

This week’s workout of the week is going to focus on speed work as it pertains to long-distance running. Even though I mainly compete in ultramarathons nowadays, you can still find me spending significant time on the track running speed workouts.

When it comes to speed training, I find that there are two camps of runners. In one camp, there are the runners that have frequently completed speed workouts throughout their training plans and they have discovered firsthand how it benefits them in reaching their running goals. In the other camp, there are those runners who have never done speed training or have either not completed this form of training correctly or often enough to fully reap the benefits as it pertains to reaching their long-distance running goals. For these runners, training at a faster pace may seem counter-intuitive to developing the ability to run for hours on end. However, through both my running and coaching other athletes, I’ve come to learn that including variety in your training paces is critical for success.

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