Foundational Base Training - Do you have it?

Base Building Defined

A term often used among your local running club or friend training for a longer distance race, “base” building is commonly used but rarely well defined. The idea sounds good. It’s not hard to picture the necessary layer as a “foundation” to our training. Who doesn’t like the sound of a “solid base” to work off of? But what exactly do we mean by that and how can you apply it to next season? Let’s explore that in a little more detail.

Typically, base refers to a phase of the training cycle that leads into the racing season. In itself, base training does not tend to include any races. Runners will cap their speed and spend more time working on long, slow distance running rather than intervals. Base building can be summed up as teaching your body to rely on fat for fuel at increasing paces. If you can rely on the much larger fuel source that is stored body fat (about 40,000 calories vs roughly 1800 calories of stored glycogen) at a faster pace, then you’ll be able to sustain that pace for a longer period.

TIP: Base training teaches your body to run faster on a more reliable fuel source: fat.

Start your season out right:

(1) Incorporate 2-3 months training at or below MAF heart rate.
(2) Don’t heavily rely on sugary foods and drinks for your training sessions.
(3) Focus on the process!

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