Custom Training Programs

Get Focused, Stay Focused…From 5K to Ultramarathon, Follow a Personal Run Training Program.

How Do Custom Training Programs Work?

Complete the New Athlete questionnaire on my website, click here. Fill in all the details about your training and racing history, life schedule, and goals. What are you waiting for, start today!

After you complete the New Athlete questionnaire, I will send you a referral link to purchase the customized training plan of your choice through the CoachUp program.

I will design your very own training program to help you reach your goals and we will go over the program together and make adjustments, if needed. Then, you are off and running (literally)!

Sunrise Running Company Philosophy

  • I believe, whether it is your first race or you are looking to improve upon a previous performance, a Custom Training Program is better than a generic training plan.
  • I believe a Training Program should remain be built around your goals, athletic history, personal motivators, and your life schedule.
  • I believe a Coach is Trusted Partner in your journey to become better.
  • I believe all runners, regardless of ability or goals, should receive the same level of attention and the same access to training programs and advice.

Included with Every Custom Training Program:

  • Fully Individualized Training Program Published to Google Sheets
  • Assistance with Race Selection and Strategy

  • Establishment of Proper Training Paces
  • Sunrise Running Company Training Manual

Let’s Start Training!

8 TO 10 WEEK PROGRAM = $40.00
12 WEEK PROGRAM = $60.00
16 WEEK PROGRAM = $80.00
20 TO 24 WEEK PROGRAM = $100

* There is an initial processing fee of $17.99 for all new CoachUp athletes.

“My daughter has attended two coaching sessions with Coach Andrew and feels really good about her progress and all she is learning. It’s obvious to me her love for running is improving. She even wanted to keep her training session with Coach Andrew in spite of the pouring down rain.”


“I am a Lifelong athlete and just Two sessions in with Andrew and cannot believe how little I actually knew about running and getting faster. Anyone who wants to improve, learn, and run better should book some time on the track with him!”


“I recently completed my first 10K after following a customized training plan from Andrew. I finished in under my goal time. The best thing was, I broke through a plateau I had been in with distance. I was finally able to complete 6-8 miles consistently and still have energy left over! He did a greatContinue reading


Customized Training Program FAQs

An 8 or 12-week training program is best for racing distances of 5K (3.1 miles) through Half Marathon (13.1-miles) in total length. While 16 to 24-week training programs are meant for racing distances of Half Marathon through Marathon and Ultra-marathons. The more beginner runner may feel most comfortable with training programs that are longer in length. Therefore, giving them more time to prepare for the chosen racing distance.

You complete the New Athlete Questionnaire and I will send you a referral link to purchase your training plan through the CoachUp program.

I use the information from your Athlete Questionnaire to formulate a personalized training program. If needed, I will contact you to get additional information to provide you with the best possible training program.

Once I have the program designed, I will contact you to go over the plan in detail with you and answer any questions. We will also make any necessary adjustments do to schedule or goal changes. Then, you are off and running with your customized training program!

Absolutely! I believe that every runner deserves the opportunity to receive a custom training program. I work with runners of every ability level and provide the same level of service to all! If you are goal-oriented and determined to have a plan to help you reach your goals, then my Custom Training Program service is right for you!

Good question. I ask that you complete the New Athlete questionnaire first to establish a line of communication with me. From there, I will send you a referral link to book your training plan through the CoachUp program.

CoachUp charges a $17.99 processing fee to all new athletes to their program. If you have not used CoachUp before, then contact me first and I can have that processing fee waived with a referral link.

The CoachUp processing fees goes to the use of their program for payment processing, scheduling, communication, insurance and advertising.

I typically suggest allowing 5-7 business days for both us to get everything together for you to properly start your Customized Training Program.

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Other Training & Coaching Services

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