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Long run training is a crucial ingredient for any distance runners training routine. Learn how variations can keep you from boredom and have you running faster times.

If you have completed any long-distance training or racing, then I’m sure you have plenty of stories about your long run. We change meal plans, re-arrange our weekends, and wake up extra early to complete our weekly long miles. When it’s over, we feel like we could achieve almost anything!

Have you ever stopped to consider what your long-run training means to your overall training routine? Do you complete all your long runs at the same pace? Did you have difficulty finishing the closing miles of your last goal race?

Training to race long distances requires several specialized workouts in your weekly training routine (i.e., speed-work and tempo runs). Adopting a more specialized approach to your long run as well can have you achieving the fastest times in your next race.

Here is a look through the different types of long-run training that I recommend…

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