Half Marathon Training Plans

The Half Marathon (13.1 miles) is a friendly and popular long distance running race all over the World. The race provides a friendly challenge beyond that of a 10K. However, it still allows for more flexibility for preparation than a full marathon. My 12 week half marathon training plan designed for runners will get you ready for your next 13.1 mile race.

The training period for a half marathon is best done over a three month period of time. This compared to the five months that it typically takes to train for a full marathon. This is great news for many runners who want the longer challenge, but don’t have the extended amount of time to commit to marathon training. The half marathon also does not take near as long to recover from as a marathon.

Since most half marathons happen at the same event as a full marathon, the excitement of the race is much the same. Many runners will use half marathon races as part of their training up to the full marathon distance. A half gives you a good gauge of how much time you can plan on your first or next marathon taking you to complete.

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Beginner Runners

Runners should have at least six months of consistent training before embarking on a half marathon training plan. Most first time half marathons will have experienced training for and completing at least a few 5K or 10K races before making the jump up in race distance. The beginner plan is also great for an individual who is looking for more of a maintenance plan.

Experienced Runners

The advanced running plan for half marathon includes many weeks with little to no days off. I will have you running and cross-training every week to improve your speed, endurance, and strength. The main goal of the Intermediate or Advanced half marathon training plans are to improve your time and performance.

No matter which half marathon training plan you choose, you will be given plenty of guided information . Select a training plan level (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced) from below to read more specific details. Each plan consists of a 12-week schedule. If you are looking for more detailed instructions or extra training advice, you might consider signing up for a Custom Training Program or Online Coaching with me.

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Beginner 13.1 Plan

The Beginner Half Marathon training plan is perfect plan for first-time half marathoners and those looking to gradually increase their mileage.

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Intermediate 13.1 Plan

The Intermediate Half Marathon training plan is a slight increase in mileage and number of runs per week from the beginner 13.1 program. For the Intermediate plan, you will run four (4) times per week with a focus on longer long runs and speed/tempo workouts.

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Advanced 13.1 Plan

The Advanced Half Marathon training plan includes 5 to 6 runs per week with a focus on long runs, speed workouts, tempo runs, race pace workouts, and cross-training sessions. The goal of this Advanced Half Marathon plan is to improve your 13.1-mile finish times and performance!

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