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Running Goals

Expert tips from Sunrise Running Company on setting, achieving, and even sometimes exceeding your running goals. Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter to receive the latest news, articles, and special savings.

8 Types of Running Races featured image

8 Types of Running Races

Running races have occurred around the world for millennia. If you’re new to running or a seasoned runner, there is a type of race for you.

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How to Cope With Race Cancellations

How To Cope With Race Cancellations

After months of eating, sleeping, and training, the cancellation of your race can be devastating, but running isn’t only about the races and medals. Don’t let all the race cancellations keep you from setting and achieving goals!

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young athletes, youth motivation, athletes motivation, improve their motivation

Coaching: How to motivate young athletes

For young athletes, motivation plays a more significant role than most coaches may imagine. What motivation strategies can you use as a coach? Improve their performance with these athlete motivation tips.

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Setting Proper Race Goals - Sunrise Running Company

Setting Proper Race Goals

Setting proper race goals can keep you from asking that question, why did my race not go as planned? Learn when and how to set proper goals for your training cycle and upcoming races.

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