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Your core, whether bodily or not, makes an important link between you and your goal. Whether this link is strong or not may determine how much of a task you can fulfill. Physically, your core connects your upper body to your lower body. In an atypical manner, your inner core strengthens your actions; you can call it your ‘will.’ How do these make you a better runner? Read on to find out.

You need a strong core for running

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the ripped abs and protruding oblique muscles of a typical bodybuilder. You are a runner, and building a strong core will only help you become a better runner.

This is as plain and direct as it sounds; A strong physical core will advance your running speed. This comes from the great stability and improved posture that a strong core gives you. Let us take a quick look at the anatomy of the muscles that make up your core.

Your core is basically almost your entire thorax. From your chest muscles, your intercostal muscles, back muscles to the muscles in your abdomen as they all run into each other to form a strong body core. Now the stronger this part of your body is, the more easily you can move almost every other part of your body. I mean, it must be called your core for a reason, right?

A brief explanation of how a strong core gives you more strength to move

Try moving your thighs upwards while sitting, standing, or lying down. Where do you think is the source of the pull? Your abdomen, right? Yes, your abdominal muscles are primarily involved in raising the large muscles of your thighs as in when you’re running. Don’t forget; you do not run with your legs alone. Almost every part of your body is involved, but they aren’t all equally important.

As much as you need strong legs, muscular thighs, you almost equally need a strong core and glute muscle strength. Or better put, these muscles that seem as though they are accessory muscles will only improve your speed.

Apparently, not many runners focus on working out their core and building strength in that area. It will take a consistent workout and different compound exercises to develop those areas to the extent that they reflect in your running capacity, and many runners are too busy for that kind of devotion.

Notwithstanding, here are simple exercises you can do regularly (more than once a day) to build strong core muscles.

  • Plank
  • Squats
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Forward Lunges
  • Single-Leg Bridge

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Your Inner (spiritual) core

While most people are aware of their outer core, they fail to recognize the one inside, which is why a lot of people discover that their physical skills fail them. The importance of developing your inner core is hinged around this statement – “a person is defeated on the inside first if not, he’d keep getting up.”

What constitutes your inner core is all those things you do not see but affect your performance. It can also be called your inner strength, and as much as you need your outer strength to keep going, you need this one too.

Are there times when you want to achieve a specific goal, but you aren’t in the right state of mind to do so? Your body and your mind must make a strong connection, which is usually set by purpose. So, you’ve got to train your mind, your mental and emotional consciousness, to be able to channel its energy towards achieving a particular task.

Why do you do what you’re doing?

Many lack the drive, commitment, and motivation that running requires because they have not answered the question of why they are into it. When the question of purpose is answered, a man is fueled to achieve that purpose by which he is being driven.

Decide, stay committed, and take action

Indecision will only draw you back. If you want to achieve great things in your running career, you need to be committed to a decision to take the necessary steps.

Embrace your fears

Your body is stronger than it appears; you’ve just got to push. Power and strength flow through a person who chooses to do anything he is afraid of doing. You aren’t scared of failing; you aren’t afraid of anything the moment you embrace your fears.

  • Practice calming and self-control in times of trouble.
  • Connect with and spend time with people you care about
  • Do less of the things that aren’t you.

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