About the Advanced Running Plans

As runners, we want to measure and see improvements, it’s inherit to the way we are wired as individuals. Once we have learned the basics of following a training program and established a consistent routine of training and racing, you may now be wondering can I go faster? To answer that question, I have developed the following set of intermediate running plans and advanced running plans.

The advanced training plans listed out below follow a progressive approach to weekly mileage similar to the Beginner Running Plans. However, the primary goal of these plans is to teach you how to run faster during your goal race. In these advanced running plans, you will be introduced to tempo runs, speed workouts, fast finish long runs, and goal race paced workouts. In addition, I incorporate consistent cross-training into your running routine to become a stronger and more efficient runner.

For those who have never completed speed workouts or tempos runs before, you will most likely want to start with one of the Intermediate Training Plans. In these plans, you will find a gentle approach to swapping out easy runs with a moderate amount of faster pace workouts.

You may want to choose one of the advanced running plans if you have been running 4 to 5 days per week for the past six months. These plans will be all about making you a faster and more efficient runner. This plan has a more aggressive approach with multiple hard runs per week and less time for easy/recovery runs. If you are looking for a PR, then these advanced running plans are the right choice for you!