Far too many people think runners don’t need to train legs, but doing so can help prevent injury, as well as build up your muscles for longer and faster runs. Lower body exercises do not have to focus on getting the biggest gains, but adding lower body training to your routine can help you find more success in your runs.

Leg exercises can include anything from your glutes down to your feet. If strengthening these muscles and supercharging your runs is part of your long-term running goals, consider adding these six leg exercises to your training routine.

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    • Thanks for the comment. The focus was not necessarily on “beginner” exercises. However, squats and calf raises are absolutely good exercises for a beginner. Keep the focus on form and manageable range of motion until flexibility and strength improves. Bulgarian Split Squats, Jump Squats, and Reverse lunges are a bit more advanced and extra caution should be taken to keep form throughout the range of motion. Even then, these exercises can be done by a beginner if done correctly.

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