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Treadmill Workouts For When You Can’t Run Outside

Running on a treadmill is never the first option that comes to mind when the winter months hit, but, unfortunately, there are the inevitable days when inclement weather relegates runners indoors. Running on a treadmill is by no means glamorous; the lack of fresh air and a monotonous wall in front of the treadmill gets old quickly.

You can take advantage of bad weather by leveraging the treadmill’s features into unique workouts that improve speed and strength. Timers, distances, and inclines allow you to create workouts that you couldn’t do on a trail or track. Treadmills are great ways to focus on your running form and build mental stamina.


  1. How often should I perform the program you suggested to improve my running speed each week? Thank you for the insightful information; it is really useful.

    • This depends on your goals. Most will find completing one of these treadmill workouts per week enough to improve speed and performance. If you’re more accustomed to speed work and have big-time goals, then you can do two of these workouts per week. Just always make sure you have 1-2 days of easy/recovery runs or rest in between hard efforts.

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