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Try our 8 Best Stretches for Runners

You walk in the door while it’s still dark out, stagger red-faced into the shower, and head off to the office. Or you hit the gym after work, hop on the treadmill for a few miles, and then rush home to make dinner. Sound familiar? That’s because, as runners, we try to squeeze in a run whenever we can. Mornings, evenings, and weekends are all fair game. All too often, we’re maximizing what little free time we have available by using every free minute to do what we love: run. Unfortunately, when that happens, one of the essential parts of your run gets left out: stretching. Stretching isn’t nearly as common as it should be. Let’s be real: if you’re pressed for time, you’d rather pump out an extra mile than spend time stretching. I get it. And judging by their half-hearted post-run stretch or two, most runners would agree with you.

Why Do I Need to Stretch?

Stretching is crucial if you want to be a runner for life. It’s one of the most important things you can do to maintain your physical fitness year after year. It keeps your muscles supple and flexible. When you stretch properly after a run, it also accelerates your muscle recovery and helps prevent injuries. That’s a lot of good reasons to incorporate these best stretches for runners into your routine.

There are two kinds of stretches: dynamic and static. Dynamic stretches are stretches that incorporate movement – think leg swings, neck rolls, and similar stretches. Static stretches are the ones you hold for 30-60 seconds: a standing quad stretch or hip flexor stretch.

When your muscles are loose and flexible, just after a run is a perfect time for static stretches. The following is a list of the best 8 stretches for runners to include in their training routine…

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