over-training syndrome, recovery process

Learn to Identify and Combat Over-Training

Over-training is a common occurrence in the fitness world. It has to do with excessive involvement in high-intensity exercises or activities, far more than your body’s recovery ability.

Over-training may affect athletes, sports enthusiasts, or anyone actively involved in staying fit and healthy. With a rise in sports competitiveness and the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, individuals spend more time trying to keep fit. But the body has a limit to which it can be strained.

Instead of your training routine having a positive impact on your overall performance, you may begin to experience performance decline as well. Your general health state may be negatively affected. Fatigue, muscle soreness, and lack of concentration are some of the symptoms associated with over-training. When you begin to feel the strain and overall body weakness after every high-intensity activity, it may be a sign that you have a condition known as an over-training syndrome.

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